3 Easy tips to look more flattering during your session

As a photographer my main objective is to always make sure my clients love their pictures. BUT, we are our worst critics, myself included I won’t lie, and as perfect as a picture may look we still notice THOSE areas about ourselves that we think could look better.

  1. Arms. I’m not alone. When I’m editing I think all of my clients are gorgeous and I’m thinking pure perfection, yet someone will shock me and say something about the way their arms look. During the session I always do my best at making each pose look amazing and most flattering, but sometimes it’s just inevitable. It’s amazing how wardrobe can make such a difference though. If you don’t want to showcase your arms, don’t. Stay away from sleeveless. My personal most favorite, most flattering style is a loose cap sleeve. Hands down. I also love a long sleeve. There are SO many options and styles that won’t necessarily hide your arms, but it won’t be the first thing you notice about yourself in the picture. If you’ve got some arms that you want to rock, I say go for it!

  2. Chin. I think no doubt about it, this can be said for most men and women. And for different reasons too. I wish that I had the solution for this, but not one thing “fixes” this. I will say there are a couple of things you can try. Bring your shoulders back and without straining every nerve in your neck try to elongate your neck in the most natural way you can. Now, this doesn’t mean to raise your chin……you don’t know how many times during a session I will say “chin down just a bit”. Now that you are reading this, practice this now, we can all work on some better posture!

  3. Hair. This doesn’t necessarily mean to go out and get it done. If you can, awesome and FUN! If you can’t, I know that you can spend some time on it so that it looks like you did. I like to straighten my hair for pictures, I feel like it helps me look “thinner” than if I were to curl it. If that makes sense. I love long curls though, oh man, when my hair grows out a bit you can be sure that I will get some good pictures of me and my hunny and some curly hair. Men, I think the most flattering thing you can do is get your hair “tidy”. This is true with all styles of hair, a little gel can go a long way.

    It’s truly remarkable how much better a picture will look with just planning ahead and doing a few things to yourself that will make you FEEL better. Happy picture taking!